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Instructions on how to create an account

To take the Neuro Training Academy online courses, a user must have a free account with the NTA. If you have one already, simply navigate to “Login” in the top right and enter your email and password. If you do not have an account, go to “Login” in the top right, then click “No account? Create one.”

Fill in all the fields to create the account. Scroll down to click “Create account.”

Check your email for an account activation email. It should arrive within the next few minutes; otherwise, check your spam folder. Click the account activation link in the email, which should take you to the NTA webpage and automatically fill in an account activation key. Click “Activate” and your account should be approved.


Instructions on how to start a course

After logging in, navigate to the NTA “Education” tab, then click “Online Courses” in the dropdown menu.

All available courses are visible on this main page. Select the course you wish by clicking “Take this course.”

You can view the status of all your courses by clicking into them. You can go back and rewatch some videos, but you need to watch a video to completion to progress to the next video. At the end of the course, you will need to take a quiz and receive an 80% or better to pass. You may retake a quiz or an entire course if needed.

To view your certificate, go to your profile once logged in the top right. In the dropdown under Profile, click on “Courses.” Then click “Achievements” in the left menu to view your finished courses and certificates. If you click on a certificate, it will open in a new window as a PDF that you can save or print. Happy learning!



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