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SleepWorks Software
Natus SleepWorks is an extensive, flexible and cybersecure sleep diagnostic solution that simplifies the setup, collection, review, analysis and reporting of comprehensive sleep studies.
Out-of-Center Sleep Testing (OCST)
Two HD video/sleep systems are offered: one is scalable from Level IV to full Level I PSG, the other is a Level II ambulatory recorder.
In-Lab Testing
A variety of Type I amplifier and software packages are offered that exceed the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) scoring criteria.
Brain Mapping
The Nicolet Cortical Stimulator is a compact, digital and portable unit that aids in identification and mapping of the areas of the brain that control speech, sensory, vision and motor skills.
CSF Catheters
CSF Catheters are available in a variety of configurations: Fully impregnated with barium for complete radiopacity or with an embedded barium radiopaque stripe Straight or right-angled Pressure-rated as well as non-pressure-rated.
CSF Reservoirs
Designed as a closed ventricular access system, the Natus Reservoir facilitates CSF withdrawal as well as delivery of radioisotopes and chemotherapeutic agents.
Anti-Siphon Devices
The original physiologically designed siphon control mechanism, the Anti-Siphon Device, is normally open and reacts only as needed to changes in hydrostatic pressure.
Lumbar Shunts
CSF Valves & Shunts
Dural Graft Implants
The DURAFORM Dural Graft Implant is the solution for the difficult handling of dural substitutes. The unique design and manufacturing process provide an implant with better handling characteristics and greater tear resistance than other onlay dural graft materials.
EEG Supplies
A complete portfolio of supplies for EEG studies, featuring Grass Cup Electrodes, available in reusable and disposable and various cup sizes and materials to promote patient comfort and optimal results.
IOM Supplies
Reusable and disposable subdermal needle electrodes for use during OR recordings and a full line of disposable stimulating IOM probes.
Sleep Supplies
A complete offering for in-home or in-lab sleep studies, including a comprehensive family of respiratory effort belt systems, body position sensors, oximetry sensors, surface and snap electrodes and cannulas.
EMG Supplies
A wide range of stimulating and recording electrodes including disposable concentric and monopolar needle electrodes from market leaders TECA and Dantec, as well as injectable needle electrodes, adhesive electrodes and digital ring electrodes.
EEG in the ICU
Cranial Access Kits
The Natus Neuro Cranial Access Kits allow for access to the subarachnoid space or the lateral ventricles of the brain. The kit is intended to be used with an external drainage and monitoring system in selected patients to reduce intracranial pressure, to provide temporary drainage of CSF, and to monitor ICP.
Cerebral Spinal Fluid Management
The EDS 3 Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) External Drainage System with its ease-of-use, integrated pole clamp, hydrophobic filter and accurate leveling via a unique laser leveling device, the EDS 3 System is unequaled.
Intracranial Pressure & Temperature Monitoring
The Camino ICP monitoring system is the most advanced platform to deliver multimodality neuromonitoring from Natus. Continuous monitoring allows for early intervention to potentially improve patient outcomes.
Dantec Clavis
The Dantec Clavis handheld device for EMG/STIM-guided injections is designed to be simple and intuitive to provide accurate guidance in minimal time.
InVisus Ultrasound
The Natus InVisus is an affordable tablet-based ultrasound system for performing neuromuscular ultrasound procedures to enhance diagnosis by clinicians.
Dantec Keypoint G4
The Dantec Keypoint G4 EMG / NCS / EP Workstation is a flexible, ergonomic system used to measure nerve and muscle function in disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, myasthenia gravis and ALS.
Dantec Keypoint Focus
The Dantec Keypoint Focus EMG / NCS / EP System is used to measure nerve and muscle function in disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, myasthenia gravis and ALS.
Natus UltraPro S100
The Natus UltraPro S100 EMG / NCS / EP System is a high-quality all-in-one electrodiagnostic system with dedicated controls, integrated stimulators and exceptional signal quality.
Nicolet EDX
The Nicolet EDX EMG / NCS / EP / IOM System is the industry-leading electrodiagnostic system used to measure nerve and muscle function and can also provide intraoperative monitoring for the operating room.
NeuroWorks Software
The Natus NeuroWorks platform simplifies the process of collecting, monitoring and managing data for routine EEG testing, ambulatory EEG, long-term monitoring, ICU monitoring, and research studies.
ICU Monitoring
Systems have intuitive touchscreen interface designed specifically for intensive workflow and Constant Video EEG monitoring with remote connectivity in a small footprint package.
Ambulatory EEG
Comfortable, durable, multi-modality, 24-channel recorders with fully-synchronized HD video for in-home recording.
Routine EEG
EEG systems with advanced IT capabilities offer 32+ channels, qEEG analysis, Spike & Event analyzer options, fully-synchronized HD video. Some systems offer multi-modality recording.
Long-Term Monitoring (LTM)
LTM systems with advanced IT capabilities offer a high sampling rate, up to 256 channels, qEEG analysis, Spike & Event analyzer options, fully-synchronized HD video for clinical and research applications. The systems interface with our proprietary Cortical Stimulator.

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