Traumatic Brain Injury: Definition, Diagnosis & Treatment

Do you want to improve care for your patients with traumatic brain injury? In this new guide, we share procedures, technologies, and diagnostic considerations that can help improve neurological outcomes for patients with traumatic brain injury.

It is estimated that sixty-nine million individuals worldwide sustain a traumatic brain injury each year. When assessing trauma patients with TBI, prevention of secondary injury is crucial. The ability to accurately, and rapidly, monitor patients with traumatic brain injury through proper techniques and technologies enables you to detect neurological worsening for timely intervention.


View the new Traumatic Brain Injury: Definition, diagnosis, and treatment guide on the Natus website to help you improve patient care and neurological outcomes for TBI patients through:

  • ‣ Steps and medical considerations for traumatic brain injury diagnosis
  • ‣ Classifying the severity of the TBI
  • ‣ Neurological bedside assessments for detecting early neurological decline
  • ‣ Treating and monitoring traumatic brain injury patients
  • ‣ Use of technologies including ICP monitoring and cEEG

August 16, 2021
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